4 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

For years it has been our mission at TouchSource to provide the simplest solution that solves multiple pain points for our property owners and managers.  When astronauts started tweeting form space, we saw that social media is an undeniable way of communication for today’s generation, and workforce.  So here are a few nuggets on how social media can help you to create an unmatched community and building culture, to attract the highest quality tenants, without actually doing the work… How to be a magician…

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 You have the content already, effortless distribution is easy!

Most properties have an active social media presence, but the real struggle is distribution of the work that your team puts so much effort in to create.  Digital continuity across the properties can be easily provided by simple implementation of social media that leverages the images and the feed in the most user friendly and catchy way to thousands of foot-traffic every day.  That way you can repurpose the material without having to move a finger.

 Create your culture and separate yourself from the competition.

Social media is a great way to highlight the improvements you are making and the new logos you acquired across all properties.  It is proven that a picture can speak for a thousand words.  Showcase all the hard work you put-in, and why a potential tenant should choose you over the property down the street.  When you have a feeling of a community, it is easier to attract more tenants who want to belong to something bigger. 

Outreach and call for action

With projected 2.67 billion social media users in 2018, you can do wonders with your out-reach, and your brand awareness.  Tenants as well as visitors will become a part of your clan without the high dollar advertisement space.  Your digital directory screens can do the work for you, and attract a potential client with direct marketing.  Show everyone, why they want to be a part of your brand. 

Social Media Feed, available with all TouchSource digital solutions

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is not just a fancy term.  With millennials soon to make up the majority of the workforce, it is now more important to provide employers, and clients’ an environment that they can attract the best in class employees.  By making social media a part of your everyday make-up, you are now speaking the workforce’s language and providing an extra value-added service that will set you apart from your competition.  Give them a platform that tenants can brag about themselves, their companies, and see themselves at home as a part of your community.

 Those are a few reasons why you want to implement social media publicly.  It is also important to choose a company that will give you the best customer support with your most public facing display.  TouchSource systems are easy to implement, easy to use, with best service guaranteed.

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