5 Reasons to Add Transit to Your Healthcare Facility’s Digital Directory

For healthcare facilities near public transit systems, it is certain that visitors and patients could benefit from seeing bus schedules, Lyft/Uber wait times, and other information that helps them get home safely.  Providing transit information can be advantageous for your facility and staff as well!

Improves Operational Efficiency

Putting useful transit information on easily visible displays saves doctors, nurses, and other staff time looking up this information on apps or on-line, and gives guests the ability to easily find it themselves.

Saves Patients and Staff Money

Providing transit information gives them the information they need to choose among different mobility options, and helps them save money on expensive taxis or car rentals when a bus or train might be convenient and less expensive.

 Boost Patient Satisfaction Scores

Providing patients and guests with easily visible mobility information helps make their visit more convenient, less stressful and less expensive. In dense cities, transit is often more convenient and faster than taxis—guests will appreciate the help getting around town.

Drives Attention

Providing mobility information to guests satisfies a critical need and helps expose guests to other messaging you might want them to see—wayfinding, patient rights, announcements, on-brand messaging, etc.

 Keep Staff and Patients Safe

Provide transit information before they leave to go home so they can minimize how long they wait for their ride. For many, this is a critical safety and health issue for those faced with waiting for transit at late hours or in inclement weather. As increasing numbers of younger people do not own or drive cars, providing transit information creates a safer, friendlier and more supportive environment.

People want to know when their ride is coming because it makes life better and less stressful every day.  Now it’s easy for you to provide this information on your digital signage or directory!

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