Mirada Fully Recessed Enclosure


Our recessed Mirada enclosures are designed to add architectural flair to any lobby. The Mirada digital building directory comes framed in a thin profile surround, with all equipment seamlessly enclosed inside the wall. Miradas are available in both touchscreen and non-touch displays—both of which come with the option of portrait or landscape orientations.

Wide Range of Display Sizes:

Each of our Mirada digital wayfinding systems includes a high resolution display and is available in the following monitor sizes: 11”, 22”, 32”, 40”, 48”, 55”, 65”, 75”, with an 85” coming soon! Each size can be delivered in either touchscreen or non-touch display.

Easy to Install:

The Mirada is easy to install into any wall. Just frame out your opening to the size of the recessed “back box” and insert into the wall. The architecturally finished bezel surround fits comfortably in your wall opening and trims the monitor display beautifully. All equipment, electric, and data cables are contained inside the finished cabinet. The Mirada can be vented up into the wall or out through the finished face of the surround.

Contact Info:


As with all of our digital and touchscreen directories, the Mirada confers a number of cost-cutting and labor-saving benefits, such as:

  • Increased Business Efficiency – With a Mirada building directory at your location, visitors will be able to get to where they need to go in a timely manner. This helps patrons arrive at their appointments on schedule.
  • Conserve Valuable Floor Space – Mirada digital directories fit snugly and unobtrusively into the wall. They also eliminate the need for space-consuming information booths staffed by human personnel.
  • Customizable Options – The Mirada can be just about anything you want it to be—a place to check current traffic and weather conditions in the area, a resource to explore news and stocks in real time, a directory with up-to-date communications from businesses and corporate departments on the premises, and so much more.
  • Ad Revenue Generation – With the Mirada, you can even display ads from local businesses, providing you with a valuable income stream.
  • Remote Updating Capability – It’s easy to ensure that the Mirada displays updated information at all times. With remote updating, the operator doesn’t even need physical access to the directory.


Mirada building directories can be successfully utilized across a spectrum of industries, including the following:

Commercial Offices

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Educational Institutions

Government Buildings

Custom Applications


With a broad array of useful apps to choose from, you can make your Mirada digital building directory into a hub of locally oriented information.

  • Weather – Up-to-date local weather data with current conditions as well as forecast & emergency weather alerts.
  • Traffic – Real-time traffic information, including accident & construction alerts.
  • News – The top news, sports, & business headlines for the day, with photos.
  • Local Amenities – Cafés, restaurants, ATMs, shopping, and over twenty additional categories, all overlaid onto an easy-to-view map of the area.
  • Other – Real-time stock information, including major indices and the most actively traded.

Contact us for additional specifications and drawings about the Mirada or any of our other custom digital directories and digital wayfinding systems. Custom interactive kiosks are also available.