Mirada Fully Recessed Enclosure


Our recessed Mirada enclosures are designed to add architectural flair to any lobby. The Mirada comes framed in a thin profile surround, with all equipment seamlessly enclosed inside the wall. Miradas are available in both touch screen and non-touch displays. Both of which come with the option of portrait or landscape orientations.

Wide Range of Display Sizes:

Each Mirada includes a high resolution display and is available in the following monitor sizes: 11”, 22”, 32”, 40”, 48”, 55”, 65”, 75”, with an 85” coming soon! Each size can be delivered in either touch screen or non-touch display.

Easy to Install:

The Mirada is easy to install into any wall. Just frame out your opening to the size of the recessed “back box” and insert into the wall. The architecturally finished bezel surround finishes out your wall opening and trims the monitor display beautifully. All equipment, electric and data cables are contained inside the finished cabinet. The Mirada can be vented up into the wall or out through the finished face of the surround.

Contact us for additional specifications and drawings.