Pantella Mounted Directory


The Pantella wall-mounted directory is our most popular enclosure-style building directories with a sleek design that mounts easily to any wall. Available in both touch screen and non-touch displays, the Pantella is available in portrait or landscape orientations. Like all our enclosures, the Pantella is designed to be fully ADA compliant. Available in standard brushed stainless steel or a wide range of powder coat paint finishes.

Full Range of Display Sizes:

All Pantellas include a high-resolution display and CPU and are available in the following monitor sizes: 11”, 22”, 32”, 40”, 48”, 55”, 65”, 75.” Our 85” is coming soon! Each size can be configured with either touch screen or non-touch display.

Easy to Install:

The Pantella wall-mounted directory attaches easily to any wall by simply bolting the cabinet to the wall using the pre-drilled mounting holes. All equipment, access, electric and data cables are contained inside the beautifully finished architectural cabinet so there are no visible cables.

Contact us for detailed drawings and specifications.

Security and Ventilation:

The Pantella wall mount features key lock access for security on all sizes 22” and larger.