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“At first I was wary about ordering an electronic directory but after working with your support team we absolutely love them and it’s always so nice and easy to work with support from your company.”

Property Manager, Cincinnati, OH

“After working with old-fashioned directory strips, I can’t believe
how easy it is to update my TouchSource Directory from my desk!”

Property Manager, Seattle, WA

“I’ve been thrilled with the product. I can’t tell you how great it is to log in, type out an entry, and then have it appear. Ordering little plastic strips (that can cost an arm and a leg), getting the formatting right, getting them installed – I’ll never go back! You’ve earned a very loyal customer.”

Tenant Coordinator, Washington, DC

How to Guide for Video Walls by Ajay Kapoor, TouchSource CEO

As a building manager, your world is complicated enough. Which is why TouchSource indoor-and-outdoor turnkey directories are designed to solve problems, not create more. When it comes to elegance and ease, TouchSource leads the way. We’re all about plug and play – because you have enough on your plate.