Press Release: Transforming Spaces into Works of Art for the Digital Age
TouchSource and TurningArt launch the first-of-its-kind partnership between physical art services and digital displays, allowing endless varieties of art to be exhibited in any building at a fraction of the cost.
Customer Case Study: Starwood Retail Brings Smart Space Technology to their Properties
TouchSource has recently partnered with PlaceWise Digital, the leading provider of digital shopper engagement services, on a turnkey retail solution designed to redifine shopping for a new generation of consumers.
Podcast: CEO Ajay Kapoor on Simpler Communications in Your Space
Inisght into TouchSource's success story. Prioritizing user experience, anticipating future needs, and providing service that ranks in the top 1% of cusomer satisfaction.
Podcast: CEO Ajay Kapoor on Transparency in Business
A refreshing take on business tactics. With radical transparency, it makes business easier. You can be honest and get feedback. It will help focus more on the growth of the business rather than avoiding issues.
How Digital Directories & Wayfinding Systems Can Lower Staff Costs & Improve Efficiency
From a business standpoint, one of the most compelling reasons to invest in digital signage is hiding on your balance sheet. With a digital directory or wayfinding system, you can decrease staff costs and improve...
A Buying Guide for Digital Directories
When adding digital signage, however, there are many factors to consider! What type of equipment should you use and what are some good indicators of a reputable, reliable vendor? To help, the team at TouchSource has put...
Why Digital Signage is the New Normal for Successful Medical Businesses
Medical patients and healthcare professionals alike agree that a medical facility’s deployment of digital amenities like interactive kiosks, touch screen directories and digital information boards are a modern necessity...
Can You Use Consumer TVs for Commercial Digital Signage?
Can You Use Consumer TVs for Commercial Digital Signage? Digital signage can be expensive. Because standard consumer TVs look similar to digital monitors, are easily accessible, and are more affordable than commercial...
How Digital Signage Increases Patient Satisfaction & Streamlines Hospitals for the Future
Facilities seeking to stand out from the crowd, should consider a new technological innovation in the field of medicine: digital signage & touchscreens. Digital signage can educate patients and guests, save facilities...