Buyers Guide: Intelligent Digital Signage for Commercial Real Estate

Digital building signage is an amenity that can create wow factor and better leasing rates for owners. Owners, operators and property managers can  elevate the impact of lobbies and shared spaces with engaging digital art and beautifully-designed content that's easy to update. Display that...

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A Buying Guide for Digital Directories
When adding digital signage, however, there are many factors to consider! What type of equipment should you use and what are some good indicators of a reputable, reliable vendor? To help, the team at TouchSource has put...
Why Digital Signage is the New Normal for Successful Medical Businesses
Medical patients and healthcare professionals alike agree that a medical facility’s deployment of digital amenities like interactive kiosks, touch screen directories and digital information boards are a modern necessity...
Can You Use Consumer TVs for Commercial Digital Signage?
Can You Use Consumer TVs for Commercial Digital Signage? Digital signage can be expensive. Because standard consumer TVs look similar to digital monitors, are easily accessible, and are more affordable than commercial...
How Digital Signage Increases Patient Satisfaction & Streamlines Hospitals for the Future
Facilities seeking to stand out from the crowd, should consider a new technological innovation in the field of medicine: digital signage & touchscreens. Digital signage can educate patients and guests, save facilities...
Press Release: Transforming Spaces Into Works of Art for the Digital Age
TouchSource and TurningArt launch the first-of-its-kind partnership between physical art services and digital displays, allowing endless varieties of art to be exhibited in any building at a fraction of the cost.
3 Factors to Consider When Adding Features To Your Digital Directory
With a wide array of choices for features and content on your new digital directory, it is not surprising that many can feel overwhelmed and indecisive. We’re here to help narrow down your options and make your decision...
Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Directory
As technology, economics, and vendors change, the marketplace for digital directories has evolved dramatically in the past few years. It is important to weigh several factors when deciding on digital directory vendors.
Digital Signage and Directory Technology on Campus
Sloan Petereit is a junior at the University of Colorado and our summer intern here at TouchSource! Drawing from her own experience, she shares her thoughts on digital directory solutions for the modern college campus.
3 Ways a Digital Smart Building Can Help You Activate Your Space
Digital signage is a simple tool to engage tenants, enhance company strategies to create social, interactive spaces, and brand their assets. Read more here.