Education Directory
Campus Building Directories Bring Information to Your Fingertips Navigating large spaces such as office complexes, medical centers, and shopping malls can be extremely overwhelming, and college campuses are no exception....
Why Touchscreens Should Be at Your School
Why Touchscreens Should Be at Your School Building directories have come a long way since their inception. We’re all familiar with the blocky, back-lit floor plan directories in shopping malls, as well as the blackboards...
How Touchscreens Improve Workflow
Interactive touchscreen directories incorporate computerized software to provide information and access quickly and easier than conventional methods. They can provide directories, maps, access to virtual receptionists,...
How-To Guide for Video Walls - by TouchSource CEO, Ajay Kapoor
What content should we show? What hardware options do we have? Where do we even start? Don't worry - this guide will get you started on your video wall project.
TouchSource and Kings III Solution Provides Safety and Entertainment for Elevator Riders
TouchSource has partnered with Kings III Emergency Communications to provide a unique, innovative elevator display, capable of two-way video and compliant with the newly updated 2018 International Building Code.
Free Digital Mockup: 6 Things You Could Do With An Extra Hour In Your Day
What could you get done with an extra hour in your day? Our digital directories and signage can be updated in seconds from the TouchSource Cloud, saving you time and headaches.
New From TouchSource: The Alta Frontier Outdoor Kiosk
Our brand new Alta Frontier free-standing kiosk is made up of commercial-grade hardware and an outdoor rated 55" display. With 3,500 nits brightness, the screen is easily readable, even in bright sunlight.
What Information Should Be Included on Your Touchscreen Displays?
At TouchSource, one of our favorite parts of creating turnkey digital directories for our clients is helping them pick out which content would meet the goals they are trying to achieve with their new digital solution.
Ten Benefits of Touchscreen Technology
Touchscreen technology can have many benefits to your building, facility, or campus. This technology is future-proof, interactive and engaging, and adds value. It doesn't hurt that people think it's pretty cool!